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I am a true Montana native, born and raised in a small town where they say the number of trout exceeds the number of people (at least that's what it says on our welcome sign!). I am absolutely in love with Montana, everything this fine state has to offer, and the amazing people I meet every year. My life is fast and crazy and I enjoy time at home with my wild husky when I'm not out satisfying my travel bug!

At the age of 6 I attended my very first photography class. In this class I learned how to use a 35mm film camera and developed an eye for outdoor composition and design. Ever since I have had a passion for art, whether it is drawing, painting, photography, or music. In 2007 I earned my AAS in Photographic Communications from Northwest College in Powell, WY and opened my first gallery shortly after.

You may have seen my images published in: Mountain Outlaw, Montana Outdoors, COLOR Magazine, Cowboys and Indians, FWP Hunting regulations, National Geographic Travel website, and my work has also been featured in Black & White Magazine, Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine, and Montana Bride Magazine.

For 10 years I have professionally photographed portraits and weddings; I have officially photographed over 100 weddings! I will do anything to get the shot and my awkward quirkiness will leave you laughing during the entire session, I'm looking forward to meeting and working with you!

You'll always see me laughing and smiling; enjoying life as much as I can every single day. I have a wild imagination and a crazy sense of adventure. My love for the outdoors has only enhanced those qualities and has helped develop my photography style. I have a heart for passionate/creative people; I LOVE the way their eyes light up when they talk about something they truly love! Check out these non-profit organizations I have joined,worked for, and have been passionate about over the past couple years...Million Girl Army & Mule Deer Foundation .

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